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12 improvements !
 Y axis crossbeam becomes wider
 Numbers of pinch roller increase from 14 to 21
 Add the LED lights
 Preheat platform changes from rhombus to circular arc
 Taking up system with two motor
 Release system without motor
 Width of print platform increased from 115mm to 168mm
 Electrical power supply system changes from separate ones into an integral one
 Add the new installation for carriage manual lifting
 Under holder structure changed from separate ones into an integral one
 Ink damper changes from non-returning valve to common installation
 Add sub-tank with floating switch


Resolution & Speed
 High quality model 720X1440 VSD3 8PASS: 30 m2/hr
 Production model 720X720 VSD3 4PASS: 60 m2/hr
 High speed model 360X720 VSD1 2PASS: 120 m2/hr


Print head
 KONICA 1024i SAE print head
 Minimum 6 pl variable ink-drop nozzle
 Auto suck ink, ink suck protect system


Feeding system
 Release media without motor, taking material with dual motor


 Modalities: Roll to Roll media
 Specification: Max width 1.8 meters, unlimited length
 Classifications: Banner, sublimation paper, PE, PP, ABS, PU, Vinyl


 4 colors or 6 colors, apply for water-base and dye sublimation ink


Print format


 PhotoPrint, Seeget, MainTop


Environment & power
 Temperature: 20-30℃
 Humidity: 45-75%RH
 Gross power: 3.5KW


Format dimension: 3100L × 880W × 1350H(mm)
Weight: 330KG


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