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Head technology

w Revolutionary high speed printheads, Internal ink circulatory system and temperature control system ,Horizontal interlaced printing model guarantee the ink drops uniform distribution

w Maxinum line print speed achieve 48 meters per minute

w 8 level grayscales Variable ink drops technology achieve exquisite photo and vivid picture

w Wall tile drop size from 13 to 84 pl

w Floor tile drop size from 30 to 210 pl


Intelligent 3D Brick image correction system

w Innovation Technology for 3D brick

w 100% accuracy color printing


Intelligence ink supply system

w 10 liters main ink storage tank with constant temperature, stirring, level, indicator and alarm of ink shortage. Easy add inks settle and off color

w Secondary ink tank with constant temperature, level control, stirring,internal circle, stable positive pressure and vacuum pressure control system to ensure the constant ink supply and use

w Degas system to ensure the continues inkjet process. Mass flow multi filter system guarantee the continues inkjet process more stable

w Auto printheads maintain system. Software control the cleaning and moisturizing printhead to make sure no clogging at stop or pause status when stops and the press


Intergrated processes management of electric system and software

w Professional ceramic print software. Simple and convenient operating interface and straightforward work process, touch panel plus keyboard and mouse to make online and offline operation and maintaince more convenient

w High efficiency process manager system, fluent and seamlessly perfromed layout. High speed RIP and color management workflow

w Use friendly to switch different printing pattern and printing size without halt, every tile pattern can be unique

w Romote upload and monitoring to guarantee the customer information safety

w In the light of the ceramic ink features develop the embed color management software, by means of improve the color gamut to achieve the detailed color transition and high fidelity, optimized the light color and dark color


Modular color group

w 3 to 7 color option, Provide flexibility to switch the print color model

w To achieve the 3D printing visual effect multi sintering technology

w Glaze or subsidence glaze can be printed


Inkjet control system

w 700-1200mm printing oriention belt transmission system. High accuracy servo motor system to achieve the stable tiles transmission

w Auto tiles oriention system, quik-adjusting the tiles direction, double row printing option

w Auto anticollision device to avoid the impact of printheads. High accuracy positioning system and arbitrary shape tiles inkjet printing


Via internet remote printing and proofing systems

w Remote printing and proofing, enable order and proofing via internet

w Order management system can manage multi-store via internet


Head technology

w Print Head: Konica 1024iMHE

w Ink supply system: Internal temperature control & micro circle

w Technology: 1-8 gray scales, 13-84pl or 30-210pl


Speed & Resolution

w Speed: 0-48 m/min

w Resolution: 360dpi, 540dpi, 720dpi or 1080dpi


Ink supply & Head maintenance

w Main ink tank: 10 liters sealed tank with heater, stirring, level indicator & alarm of ink shortage

w Secondary ink tank: Heater, degas, filter, head ink circle control system

w Head maintenance: Auto head cleaning & maintenance system


Ink & Colors

w Ink type: Ceramic digital printing ink

w Colors: 3/4/5 (glaze spraying option)


Image process

w Layout: User friendly layout interface

w RIP: Special high speed RIP for C-Press

w Color management: Embedded ICC color management

w Image format: PDF, TIFF, JPEG, EPS, BMP & PNG  etc.



w Max printing width: 700/900/1000/1200mm

w Max printing length: 2000mm

w Max thickness: 3-40mm

w Max weight: 70Kg/sqm


Transport system

w Machine bench height: 1050 ± 50mm

w Position mode: Auto center alignment

w Feeding mode: Auto feeding


Environmental requirements

w Temperature: 20-30

w Humidity: 40-80%RH

w Operating room: lower dust room


Size & Power

w Size: 4625*(1800/2200/2600)*2606mm

w Weight: 2400/2600/2800/3000kg

w Power consumption: 16KW, three-phase AC380V


System requirements

w Interface: USB 3.0

w Operation System: Window 7, 64bits operation system

w Configuration: Intel i7 8 cores processor with 8 GB RAM, 1G Ethernet & 80GB SSD

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